Welcome to the Federalist Party

Welcome to the new Federalist Party™.  We are an organization dedicated to limiting government and promoting Federalism. It is our purpose to educate Americans about the benefit of these concepts and to promulgate those ideas into the creation of a new party.

In divisive times such as these, people of principle must set aside personalities and seek solutions to the infringement, injustice and inequality caused by the inadequacy, largess, and corruption of government.

We will spend the coming months discussing the uniting governing philosophy of federalism and it’s practical benefits.

Federalism is not under any circumstances, an ideology to plot on the left/right spectrum of divisive grabs for power that have poisoned our body politic, but rather a format to best allocate power among different levels of government while protecting the basic individual freedoms recognized in our nation’s founding documents.

Regardless of your political party or ideology, we invite and encourage you to join us in this discussion to put the past behind us and heal our land.
Federalist Party of America™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to the original American principles of restrained and balanced government.


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